You’ve heard of a framework. How about a farmwork

SheepFeast provides spiritual leaders (shepherds) a place (farm) to feed, lead and tend (train) their disciples (sheep). This online farmwork focuses on these three essential principles to offer an effective and comprehensive training system that transforms training materials into true discipleship.

The SheepFeast farm is an all-inclusive discipleship communications management solution that develops and nurtures Christian disciples through online teaching, effective communication and efficient management tools.

Shepherd & Sheep Problems to Solve

SheepFeast was created to solve four central problems that we have identified related to making disciples. It was Jesus' last commandment so lets do everything we can to fulfill it!

1. Food But No Tractor
Shepherds often have healthy food to give to their sheep but not a great tractor to deliver it to them. We provide the technology to deliver your teaching.

3. Sheep Can’t Hear Your Voice
It’s noisy out there. How do you insure that your message is heard? The Farmwork does the hard work of organizing and automating effective communication to your disciples.

2. No Border Collies to Run the Sheep
Border Collies love to herd sheep. Our team runs around and makes sure the sheep get to where they need to so the shepherd doesn’t wear themselves out.

4. Tools Are Not in the Shed
The Farmwork has all the necessary tools to manage your discipleship program under one roof. No need to run all over your farm to get the job done.

Shepherd the flock of God that is among you, exercising oversight, not under compulsion, but willingly, as God would have you; not for shameful gain, but eagerly... 1 Peter 5:2a

SheepFeast Glossary

Shepherds - pastors, teachers, speakers, authors

Sheep - disciples, students

Farm or Farmwork - SheepFeast’s digital discipleship platform

Flock - church members, group of disciples

Our Objective

SheepFeast offers a “lie down in green pastures” experience where we assist shepherds in feeding, leading and tending their sheep while providing multiple revenue generating opportunities.

Feed the Sheep

A Table Prepared

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil;  my cup overflows. ~ Psalm 23:5


Feeding your sheep is the heart of discipleship. A shepherd prepares a table in which the feast is laid out for the sheep to feed on. Preparation and equipping leads to victory over the enemy! Not only that, but the right spiritual food, correctly digested results in greater anointing and abundance.

SF Solution - Online Courses & Membership

SheepFeast provides an online course solution that allows you to create recurring membership programs, short courses, long courses as well as a build your own course option.

In addition, our Feed offering directly integrates with the online payment processing providers, Stripe and PayPal. SheepFeast makes setting up custom payments for courses and membership a real walk in the pasture. 

Lead the Sheep

Beside Still Waters

He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. ~ Psalm 23:2


Leading the sheep beside still waters is a picture of how to effectively communicate. Sheep thrive in a lead and follow relationship. That is done best when the shepherd’s voice is clearly heard. In addition, delivering an orderly or peace-filled message also fosters growth and maturity within the flock.

SF Solution - Consolidated Communications

SheepFeast combines various ways to communicate within the Farmwork including email, SMS, phone calls, Facebook/Instagram/Google messages, chat widget and voicemail drops.

The Lead portion also provides online forms, surveys, mass emails and SMS messaging as well as review management. An integral piece of SheepFeast is the ability to set up automated communication campaigns for follow up and consistent contact with your “Sheep.”

Tend the Sheep

Your Rod & Staff Comfort

...I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff,  they comfort me. ~ Psalm 23:4


A shepherd’s staff comforts by leading, guiding and directing the flock. It helps contain the sheep so they do not get “off the path.” The rod and staff essentially are the shepherd’s primary tools to manage their sheep. It keeps the flock connected to each other and the shepherd which protects them despite the presence of “evil.”

SF Solution - Management Tools

Tending the Sheep inside of SheepFeast not only encompasses the entire framework but it also integrates essential management tools allowing shepherds to incorporate a holistic platform to better serve their sheep.

SheepFeast features a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) SaaS, sales pipelines, online listings, calendar and appointment management as well as statistics and reporting for websites and social media platforms.

Revenue Opportunities

Ministries used to sell tapes and CDs. Now many are giving most of the training content away. SheepFeast allows Shepherds to reclaim what was lost.

Potential to generate significant revenue is available to churches and individual spiritual leaders through SheepFeast. Monthly membership, long and short courses as well as live conferences are options to provide additional income for ministries.

  • Monthly Membership

  • Long/Short Courses

  • Live Conferences

Monthly Membership

SheepFeast partners can provide monthly membership programs that offer in-depth and ongoing discipleship training.

Revenue: e.g. $99 a month